Our Mission Statement

Amazing Energy Oil and Gas, Co. (OTCQX: AMAZ) is a Plano, Texas-based oil and gas exploration, development, and production company with current operations in the Permian Basin of Pecos County, Texas and Lea County, New Mexico. The Permian Basin is recognized as the top producing oil basins in world. Founded in 2009, the experienced management team has aggressively acquired the rights to 70,000 acres in Pecos County and 10,000 HPB acres in Lea County, New Mexico. This will provide development opportunities for many years. AMAZ’s management understands what is required to build an oil and gas company from the ground up, having successfully done so on more than one occasion. With over 200 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry coupled with new technological advancements, careful geological evaluation and reservoir engineering and long-established industry relationships, AMAZ has the components in place to build another profitable and successful public oil and gas company.

Pecos County - Overview

Primary Location

  • Central Basin Platform between the Midland and Delaware Basin
  • History suggests vertical and horizontal potential from stacked pay zones

Operations in Pecos County

  • Over 1,800 oil and gas producing leases
  • Approximately 200 licensed operators
  • Over 20,600 drilled wells
  • Offset operators include Concho, Apache, Pioneer, Diamondback, Occidental Petroleum, Kinder Morgan and Jagged Peak

Adjacent Fields – over 2 billion barrels total

  • Yates Field – Over 1.6 billion barrels of oil produced
  • Walker Field – Over 10 million barrels of oil produced
  • Taylor Link Field – Over 17 million barrels of oil produced

Amazing’s Position

  • Accounts for rights within 70,000 acres  lease hold  (approx. 100 sq. miles)
  • 100% Working Interest, 75% Net Revenue Interest
  • A total of 26 wells have been drilled on the property that are either producing or in the process of being completed
  • Lifting Cost is less than $10 per barrel

Potential Drilling Locations

  • Approximately 3,500 potential drilling locations in a single Queen Sand Formation, as well as in each of the potential 10-15 formations or 21,000 locations

West Sawyer (Lea County, NM)

Development Highlights

  • 16,904 gross acres; 10,051 net acres
  • 56% average WI and operatorship
  • Net Production = 32.4 BOPD
  • 146 1.0 mile horizontal well locations
  • Shallow 5,000′ San Andres producing horizon
  • Offsets over 5 MMBO in vertical production
  • Three units reduces Operational Costs
  • 4 horizontal wells drilled
  • SWD system with 2 Devonian wells
  • Electrical Grid and Gas Gathering system

Future Development

  • Contract Rig for 3-well drilling program
  • Drill Curly well to cure 3rd unit
  • Complete and Flowback new wells
  • Configure SWD system to accept 3rd party produced water to increase revenue

Project Highlights

  • Low entry-cost Permian resource play, ideal for smaller independents
    – 1.0-mile lateral AFE = $2.4MM/well
    – Land Costs = $1-2K/acre

  • Operated property with 56% ave WI
    – 7 producing wells: 4 horizontal, 3 vertical (Net Production = 32.4 BOPD)
    – United leasehold
    – SWD system with 2 Devonian wells

  • EUR = 250 MBO/well
    – Single-well IRR @ $50/BO = 60%


Wholly Owned Subsidiary

  • Jilpetco is an oilfield services company that owns and operates drilling, completion, workers rigs and leases operational services equipment
  • Only services Amazing and related parties

Positive Synergistic Effects from Jilperto Acquisition

  • Created an all costs reduction
  • Improved efficiency and capability to drill new wells
  • Talented and experienced staff added to Amazing’s operations

Near Term Growth

  • Jilpetco is expected to grow at the same rate as the Pecos county operations

Notable Assets

  • Multiple Rigs, Trailers, Trucks, Cat Grader and a Backhoe Loader
  • Minimal office and computer equipment needed to operate
  • Standby equipment for all operational needs


Impressive Acreage Rights

  • Rights within a total of 70,000 acres in prolific oil and gas regions
  • $200 per acre forever buy spudding one well every 6 months and leasing 1,000 acres every 5 years

Assets De-Risked by Multiple Adjacent Oilfields

  • Yates Field – over 1.6 billion barrels of oil produced
  • Walker Field – over 10 million barrels of oil produced

Near Term Drilling on Current Acreage

  • Capacity to have aggressive drilling plan due to the geology of the land and ownership of the oilfield service company, Jilpetco
  • Amazing’s assets have stacked pay zones that hold deep vertical and horizontal potential

Dedicated Management and Consulting Team

  • Over 200 years of combined experience in Oil and Gas Operations and Administration
  • Over 100 years of combined Wall Street experience